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Interlude Furia 35x


Location Opening Date Time Time Zone
Official Server Time June 01, 2019 19:00 GMT -3


World Server Time GMT -3: 22-10-2019 - / GMT -3


Server main language (Chat): English.

Protections: Smartguard Anti-bot + custom system + Anti-Hack + DDoS protection.
Do not try to use any kind of bot here because when a player is banned by bot use, all the accounts that the user has already logged into the server will be banned. MAINLY THE MAIN CHAR!
There are no bot software that leaves no trace on the server, not even the best ones in their paid versions!

Server Files: Retail / Original L2Server official PTS.

Maximum number of game windows (boxes): 3 and unlimited offline trade shops (use command .offline or .menu)

Server Rates:
The rates are the same for everyone, normal monsters or bosses.
EXP 35x - Party Exp: Original (from 28 to 80%) - Party GAP: 20 (Maximum Difference Levels).
SP 35x.
Adena 10x.
SealStone 6x.
Drop chance 1x.
Spoil chance 4x.

Safe Enchant: +3
Max Enchant: Armors/Jewels +12 / Weapons +16

Normal Enchant Rate Armors/Jewels: 35% from +4 to +7 and 5% from +8 above.
Normal Enchant Rate Weapons: 35% from +4 to +11 and 5% from +12 above.

Blessed Enchant Rate Armors/Jewels: 65% from +4 to +7 and 30% from +8 above.
Blessed Enchant Rate Weapons: 65% from +4 to +11 and 30% from +12 above.

Crystal Enchant Rate Armors/Jewels: 85% from +1 to +12 (Recommended to be used only for +4 above).
Crystal Enchant Rate Weapons: 85% from +1 to +16 (Recommended to be used only for +4 above).

Server Hardware:
Intel Xeon E3-1270v6, 64GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz, SoftRaid 2x450GB SSD NVMe, 1x SATA 2TB (Backups), 1Gbit redundant network with ddos protection.

Unique vote reward system:
You can vote through our control panel on the website and receive prizes in game.

Clans / Allys system:
Required to clan be at least level 6 to be able to buy a clan hall and clan halls have been reconfigured with higher price.
6 hour clan penalties.
To get clan skills, only reputation is needed.
Limit of Alliances: 1 maximum alliance (only with its own clan to be able to use flag) to avoid zerg

Quest Rates:
4x Heart in Search of Power (Valley of Saints), The Zero Hour (Stakato Nest), some others.
4x Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 2.
4x Supplier of Reagents.
4x War with Ketra's Orcs, War with Varka's Silenos, Relics of the Old Empire, Gather The Flames.
4x Alliance with Ketra's Orcs, Alliance with Varka's Silenos, The Finest Ingredients - Part 1.
4x Halisha's marks.
4x Whisper Of Dreams Part 1, 2.
4x Legacy of Insolence.
4x In Search of Fragments of Dimension.
4x An Ice Merchant's Dream.
4x Protect the Water Source.
4x Guardians of the Holy Grail.
4x Seekers of the Holy Grail.
4x Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe.
4x Yoke of the Past.
4x Clean up the Swamp of Screams.
4x A Powerful Primeval Creature.

Server Time Zone: GMT -3, you can use the .time in game command to show the actual schedule of the server.
It was decided this time to get better balanced because it is a world server.

Other Info:
Items up to Grade B by adenas.
Grade A and Grade S items only by craft, it will not be possible to purchase these items as a reward for donations.
1st, 2nd, 3rd jobs and subclass per 1 adena.
Buffs return 30 seconds after being canceled.
Skills with Auto learning.
Offline shop only in Giran center using the .offline command (there is no box limit for offline shop).
Infinite Scroll of Escape.
Greater Healing Potion, Mana Potion with restoration of 800mp with delay of 10 seconds and can be acquired by adenas.
Weight limit (Inventory) with maximum level of weight limit skill for all classes.
Sieges every 14 days. RETAIL.
All buffs with 120 minutes free in NPC scheme buffer. You can create a buffs scheme to use all buffs with just 1 click.
Summoners buffs set to 5 minutes. (Not available on NPC).

Olympiads are enabled.
Fights with a minimum of 9 registered for class free and 5 registered for base with feed protection for Hardware ID and IP.
Monthly period for the Heroes Renewal.
Olympiad time: 20:00 to 23:50 GMT -3.

.time - show the server time.
.expon - enable exp gain.
.expoff - disable exp gain.
.offline - start an offline trade shop.
.timeleft - shows how much time it takes for temporary items to disappear from your inventory.
.packadena - convert 1kkk of adena to 1 adena pack.
.unpackadena convert 1 adena pack to 1kkk of adenas.
.jailstat - shows how long the character must be logged in before he can leave the jail (if he has a penalty). .top - top character stats (Pvp, Pk, Levl, Siege, Epic) .pickupon - enable auto pickup from mobs .pickupoff - disable auto pickup from mobs

Sub class and nobless:
Sub without quest directly via npc for only 1 adena.
Nobless should be made retail quest.

Boss Respawns: (All bosses and epic bosses will be ALIVE on the server grand opening)
Barakiel 7h / Random +30min -30min
Cabrio 5h / Random +30min -30min
Hallate 5h / Random +30min -30min
Kernon 5h / Random +30min -30min
Golkonda 5h / Random +30min -30min
Ant Queen 52h / Random +30min -30min (with 60% of jewel drop chance) (Lvl Max 45 for the characters beside or inside the QA room)
Orfen 44h / Random +30min -30min
Core 40h / Random +30min -30min
Zaken 54h / Random +30min -30min
Frintezza 66h / Random +30min -30min
Baium 116h / Random +1h -1h
Antharas 188h / Random +1h -1h
Valakas 252h
Ketra's Commander Tayr 10h / Random +30min -30min
Varka's Commnder Mos 10h / Random +30min -30min
Ketra's Hero Hekaton 10h / Random +30min -30min
Varka's Hero Shadith 10h / Random +30min -30min
All other bosses = 12h / Random +4h -4h

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